Installing Web Server (wamp) on PC for web application development

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Before getting Hosting, domain names, etc., it would be good to create an integrated development environment to our computer to develop our applications, we do our tests, and the application will be ready to publish on Internet, which has a monetary cost.

    Depending on the programming language and environment that we decide to use will need to install on your PC and the corresponding Web Server together with the need for the language and the database will use.

Because the configuration to work together (WebServer, programming language, database) are somewhat complicated process we would find a peketo where has it all together is customized and installing to get ready environment and deal only with the our application.

Such a package that combines apache Web Server with PHP Language and MySQL DataBase is Wampserver

Follow these steps:

1. Download WampServer from here by selecting the time of adoption you want depending on the version of Windows that we have installed in our computer.

2. Installing WampServer following the instructions of the installer. When the installation is finished, we have:

   Created directory c:\wamp\ with the installation files

Created directory c:\wamp\www\ under which directories we put our applications.

Icon in the taskbar right from which we can see that state (active, non-active), make adjustments, and generally do all the management of this environment.

3. Open one Internet Browser and type http://localhost to see if everything went well. The http://localhost to substance list c:\wamp\www\ on applications. That is if we create a list c:\wamp\www\mytest\ and make a test application from the Internet Browser will refer to this as http://localhost/mytest

 4. Create test PHP program like this make sure if it works as PHP

5. Open one Internet Browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin to enter the management interface of MYSQL.


Although there are ok we can begin to develop their web applications in our computer.

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