Download Documents and images for Sap CRM

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Download product documents ( images, pdf, etc.. ) from Sap Crm with the following ABAP Code :

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report export_photo.
parameters : l_OBJID like SKWF_IO-OBJID default '0A9404427FF19D48B71DAD37FF62D948'.
PARAMETERS : fname(255) default '\\server\filepath\'.
PERFORM download_photo USING l_objid.
*&      Form  download_photo
*       text
*      -->OBJID      text
form download_photo USING objid.
        PHIOS Type  SKWF_IOS,
        LOIO Type    SKWF_IO,
        wa_content_bin type LINE OF  SDOKCNTBINS,
  LS_LOIO-OBJID = objid.
      IO                = LS_LOIO
      PHIOS             = PHIOS
      LOIO              = LOIO
  loop at PROPERTIES into wa_PROPERTIES where name = 'EXTENSION'.
    concatenate fname objid '.' wa_PROPERTIES-value into fname.
  open DATASET fname for OUTPUT in BINARY MODE.
  loop at content_bin INTO wa_content_bin.
    write:/ wa_content_bin-LINE.
    TRANSFER wa_content_bin-LINE to fname.
  close DATASET fname.
  write :/ 'ok'.
endform.                    "download_photo